Tesla Semi Megachargers are very sleek–and surprisingly massive

Credit: The Kilowatts/Twitter

Recent images of the Tesla Semi’s Megacharger units at PepsiCo’s Modesto, California site have revealed something quite interesting about the upcoming high-powered EV charging system. The Megachargers, while looking very sleek, are almost shockingly massive, and their cables and charge handles look equally impressive. 

Images of the Megachargers were recently shared by electric vehicle group The Kilowatts, who was fortunate enough to snap a few photos of the charging units at PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay facility in Modesto, California. Previous reports have suggested that Tesla is installing Megachargers at the Modesto facility to prepare for the first deliveries of the Semi, which would likely be completed around the end of the month. 

While the electric vehicle advocate group was able to capture several pictures of the Megachargers in the Modesto site, one photo was especially interesting. The image showed a Megacharger placed beside a portable toilet, and one looked nearly as tall as the other. This was something highlighted by the longtime Tesla enthusiast, who noted that it’s actually hard to comprehend the size of the Semi’s chargers from the photos alone. 

Considering that standard portable toilets are about 89 inches (7.4 feet) tall, and despite the fact that the Megacharger gained several inches of height since it was placed on what appears to be a crate, the EV charging unit still looked at to be at least or nearly 7 feet tall. That’s substantially larger than Tesla’s existing chargers, such the company’s Urban Superchargers. 

The specifications of the Semi’s Megachargers are yet to be announced by Tesla, though previous reports have estimated that the charging units could charge up to 1.5 MW. Such an output should allow the Semi to replenish its batteries fairly quickly. It may only be a matter of time before details of the Semi’s Megachargers become more widespread, however, as expectations are high that the first 15 units of the Class 8 all-electric truck may be delivered to PepsiCo by the end of January 2022. 

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Tesla Semi Megachargers are very sleek–and surprisingly massive
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