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Tesla Semi and white Roadster take center stage ahead of shareholder’s meeting

Tesla debut a white Roadster, apparently a third prototype, to complement the red and midnight silver-colored versions of the car that have been revealed so far. The latest Roadster in stunning white was unveiled on Tuesday before the start of the 2018 annual shareholders meeting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Tesla’s all-electric Semi also drew eyes as it arrived at the meeting’s location. 

Pictures of the all-electric supercar were shared online by Tesla shareholder and veteran Tesla owner Dennis Pascual. While waiting for the annual shareholders meeting to start, Pascual shared images of the electric supercar under a cloth cover. As noted by the Tesla enthusiast, the covers of the white next-gen Roadster were eventually removed just as the Tesla Semi was parking. Here are pictures of the white next-gen Roadster.

Photo credit: Dennis Pascual via Twitter

The next-generation Tesla Roadster is expected to start production sometime in 2020. Unveiled last November, the all-electric supercar immediately set records as soon as it was announced. During the unveiling, Musk stated that the point of the next-generation Roadster was to deliver a “hardcore smackdown” to gasoline cars. Looking at the vehicle’s specs and capabilities, Musk’s statements definitely ring true.

The next-generation Tesla Roadster has a top speed of over 250 mph, well into the territories of hyper-exclusive vehicles such as the Bugatti Chiron and the Koenigsegg Agera R. The acceleration of the next-generation Roadster is industry-leading as well, with a 0-60 mph time of just 1.9 seconds. Owners of the next-gen Roadster would not need to worry about range either, as the vehicle would be equipped with a 200 kWh battery that enables the supercar to have 620 miles of range in a single charge. In classic Tesla fashion, the upcoming vehicle also boasts 10,00 Nm of torque, a figure that Musk candidly described as “stupid.”

As icing on the cake, Musk also stated that the specs of the Roadster that have been revealed so far are accurate for the vehicle’s base trim. Other, even more powerful variants of the next-generation Roadster are set to be offered. The next-generation Roadster is also relatively affordable considering its performance, with the vehicle starting at just $200,000, far below the price range of comparable gasoline-powered supercars. Test drives for the all-electric supercar would begin sometime towards the end of next year.

Overall, it seems fitting that Tesla would showcase what could be its third next-gen Roadster prototype during the 2018 shareholders meeting. The vehicle, after all, is the company’s upcoming flagship car. The Roadster has made its presence known in Tesla’s promotional video as well, with the Elon Musk-led company showcasing its insane acceleration and its futuristic, minimalistic interior during its quarterly all-hands promo video.

Tesla Semi and white Roadster take center stage ahead of shareholder’s meeting
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