Tesla to build one new Service Center per week in 2021

Tesla will begin ramping the presence of its Service Centers across the world, aiming to build 52 new facilities over the course of 2021, a new report states.

Tesla currently has 466 operational Service Centers worldwide, allowing owners to have their electric cars looked at by company-trained technicians. However, there has been a need to expand both the Service Center locations and Tesla’s Mobile Service Fleet as demand for vehicles increases, and sales grow along with it.

A new report from Electrek states that Tesla is planning to launch a massive campaign to grow the number of Service Centers available for owners worldwide. The electric automaker will aim to open at least one per week in 2021, giving Tesla around 52 new locations over the next calendar year.

Tesla Mobile Service diagnoses a Model X (Photo: Teslarati)

The move could respond to CEO Elon Musk’s admittance that the company had an oversight in the importance of service coverage. Instead of focusing on the need to service and work on the company’s cars, Tesla has worked on ramping production and increasing demand, both of which have been dialed in by the company over the past few quarters.

The announcement of new service locations is not much of a surprise considering President of Automotive Jerome Guillen has posted several times on LinkedIn, stating that Tesla was on the lookout for new buildings that would be suitable for service. Not only is office space needed, but a garage or warehouse that could house several automotive maintenance bays is also required for a property to be considered “suitable.”

The push is not only occurring in Tesla’s home country of the United States, however. The company has opened several new locations globally, including in China, as Giga Shanghai continues to expand production rates amid improving demand. Germany also received its largest Sales and Service Center as Giga Berlin works toward its first production runs, which are scheduled for 2021.

Tesla opens Germany’s largest sales & service center

Teslarati recently reported that Tesla had finally purchased a building in Puerto Rico for its first Service Center in the territory.

As demand across the world for Tesla’s EVs continues to grow, it is evident that the company needs more locations for its cars to be worked on. Coming off of its strongest quarter as a company in its short and storied history, Tesla is preparing for a major shift in passenger transportation. As the EV market continues to expand, Tesla is preparing by building more factories, increasing production rates through manufacturing techniques, and building more Service Centers. With over a million cars on the road, Service Centers are an imperative part of the car buying experience, and Tesla is gearing up for the next million cars already.

Tesla to build one new Service Center per week in 2021
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