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Tesla set to report Q2 deliveries: What Wall Street is expecting

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Tesla is set to report its deliveries for the second quarter of 2024 within the next two days, and Wall Street analysts are putting together their final estimated figures for the three-month period.

Tesla has a lot on the line with the coming delivery figures as it is coming off one of its most underwhelming quarters in the past few years. Q1 was not friendly to the automaker as it saw deliveries fall below 400,000 for the first time since Q3 2022.

Analysts are expecting a jump in deliveries from last quarter but a drop when compared to the same quarter in 2023. According to a report from Reuters, analysts expect 438,019 Tesla deliveries in Q2, which could have some investors slightly concerned.

There are two ways to look at the quarterly figures as Tesla prepares to report deliveries. In one optimistic way, Tesla has admitted that it is in between two periods of growth. Consumer interest is also leaning more toward hybrid-electric vehicles instead of fully electric vehicles, which does not bode well for any EV maker.

From a pessimistic standpoint, all that truly needs to be read is any mainstream media article that claims this is the beginning of the end for Tesla.

Tesla’s unveiling of the Robotaxi in August will catalyze some optimism in the short-term, but no real substance will occur until Full Self-Driving is complete and reaches Level 5 autonomy. This will enable incredible financial growth for the company, according to other analysts, and will also grow the company’s sales figures.

Tesla can also rely on increased Cybertruck production to grow its deliveries over the next several years, at least as long as it is able to scale production efficiently. In late April, it reported reaching a build rate of 1,000 units in a week.

It will take execution from Tesla to make these things happen. However, with CEO Elon Musk’s pay package resolved and out of the way, distractions on the Tesla story are at a minimum, and now the company can focus on getting back to a concerted effort that truly prioritizes growth.

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Tesla set to report Q2 deliveries: What Wall Street is expecting
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