Tesla will showcase Cybertruck and Optimus Gen 2 in China

Tesla will showcase its all-electric pickup, the Cybertruck, and Optimus Gen 2, its humanoid robot, at the 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, China, later this week.

The conference is set to begin on July 4, and it will showcase some of the biggest brands in the world and their best products. Tesla has been bringing its Cybertruck around the world for fans and consumers to see, and the automaker is continuing the trend as it is one of the most hyped products in its lineup.

However, it is also bringing the second-generation version of Optimus to the conference, hoping to potentially show off its capabilities and give people a look at what it is working on in terms of robotics and artificial intelligence, according to the event’s website.

Tesla Cybertruck

The Cybertruck has been a marvel of Tesla’s engineering prowess and has so far been an example of both the growing pains of a new product and an unorthodox vehicle that has taken many by storm.

It has quickly become an ideal vehicle choice for celebrities, who have been quick to show off their new ride. Everyone from Pharell to Lamar Jackson has shown off their Cybertrucks since deliveries began last year.

Tesla Cybertruck lands in the hands of Pharrell for early celebrity deliveries

Hoping to eventually be released in other markets, Tesla’s Cybertruck reached a production run rate of 1,000 units per week in April, and the automaker continues to make deliveries as it recently rolled out a new interior option, which is being given to customers as of yesterday.

Optimus Gen 2

Tesla’s Optimus Gen 2 will also make an appearance at the conference, and it has been a major development of the company’s tech lately.

Just a month ago, Tesla said it had started deploying two Optimus bots in its Giga Texas plant, performing tasks autonomously.

The tasks it was responsible for included sorting battery cells and other simple things. Tesla said it would be able to eliminate monotonous work that is boring to humans when its first-generation robot was unveiled.

In January, CEO Elon Musk showed a video of Optimus walking unassisted.

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Tesla will showcase Cybertruck and Optimus Gen 2 in China
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