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Tesla takes shipping precaution to increase safety, detailing it in vague message


Tesla has started delivering cars with less range for safety reasons while also offering free Supercharging for the inconvenience, but the reasoning is vague and strange as the message the company gave to customers is void of real details.

  • According to Reddit user u/W-001, Tesla gave the following message through email when delivery was imminent:

“Due to a new industry policy, your vehicle must be shipped with a max 50% charge–meaning your Model 3 charge status may be lower than our usual standard at your delivery appointment.

We are giving you 150 km of free Supercharging for the inconvenience. You will be able to redeem your Supercharging credit a few days after delivery in the Loot Box in your Tesla app.”

Battery charged at max 50% when picked up from delivery center
by u/W-001 in teslamotors

The message is very vague and does not seem to indicate what the “industry standard” is, nor what the jurisdiction of the standard is.

It appears that the standard is outside the United States, especially as the message uses kilometers and not miles, but the original poster confirmed this by stating that it is a Rear-Wheel-Drive Model 3 that is making its way to them from China.

According to another user in the r/TeslaMotors subreddit, the policy is a Chinese standard that requires vehicle companies to deliver EVs with less range to alleviate excessive risk.

Numerous websites that list the standards for shipping batteries from China state that lithium-ion batteries are to be shipped at or below 30 percent state of charge, and this is according to the UN Department of Transportations standards, section 38.3.

However, it appears that there could be exceptions, but the Chinese government has to approve these additional range ratings.

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Tesla takes shipping precaution to increase safety, detailing it in vague message
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