Here comes Tesla’s Solar Roof: smooth and textured tiles open for orders today

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed on Twitter that the company will begin taking orders for its Solar Roof product staring today.

First production of Tesla’s glass Solar Roof tiles will come in a Black Smooth and Textured finish, followed by Tuscan and French Slate to arrive six months from now.

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Tesla will being taking customer orders in the US, followed by Australia “soon”. Musk noted that Solar Roof delivery and installation for the U.K. is expected next year.

Tesla’s Solar Roof page on its website has yet to officially open for orders (at the time of this writing) but expected to begin taking customer orders later today. Follow us @Teslarati to get real-time updates as we learn more from Tesla.

Today’s news follows the recent announcement by way of Tesla’s first quarter 2017 update letter that pilot manufacturing of Solar Roof tiles will begin in Q2 at the company’s Fremont facility.

“Shortly thereafter, production will transition to Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York. Our partner, Panasonic, will provide capital and operational support to manufacture photovoltaic (PV) cells, thus enabling high volume integrated tile and PV cell production at a single facility.” says Tesla.


The company is expected to showcase the Solar Roof tile and its line of Tesla Energy products directly in its storefronts. “We have started expanding the number of stores displaying our comprehensive product portfolio of energy generation and storage products for home use.” reads Tesla’s Q1 shareholder letter.

While Musk has not revealed specifics on how much the Tesla Solar Roof will cost, he has said many times in the past that a solar roof will cost less than a regular tile roof, even before one factors in the value of electricity produced. Musk said during an earnings call last November that the key in reducing the cost of the Tesla Solar Roof lies in its ability to be 80% lighter than traditional ceramic or concrete roofing materials. Combined with the fact that the glass material is nearly indestructible and will outlast the life of a house, and Tesla is able to drastically reduce transportation costs while minimizing additional costs related to breakage.

Here comes Tesla’s Solar Roof: smooth and textured tiles open for orders today
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