Tesla exec takes note of Supercharger improvements from customer

A Tesla executive noted Supercharger improvements suggested by a Tesla owner, revealing how much the company welcomes constructive criticism from its customers. 

The Vice President of Tesla’s Investor Relations took the time to read some of Tesla owner DrKnowItAll’s suggestions to improve the Supercharger Network. He also gave DrKnowItAll’s list of suggestions to the Supercharger team. 

The Tesla owner made three simple suggestions that he believes would make his Supercharger experience better. The first two suggestions related to his preferences and customization options regarding the Tesla battery pack. 

“First of all, I would really like to be able to specify how much tolerance I have for how low the battery will get before my next supercharger stop. It seems to default to 10%, but I am comfortable going to 5%. I would like to be able to always prefer 250 kW chargers rather than 150 kW chargers,” noted DrKnowItAll.

His last suggestion related to the UI and how it counted down the minutes left when Supercharging. The Tesla owner preferred to see the actual clock time to better estimate when to return to his vehicle. Martin Viecha specifically liked DrKnowItAll’s last suggestion. 

As an essential component of owning an electric vehicle, the Supercharger team is always open to listening to and implementing customer suggestions for Tesla’s charging network. Earlier this year, the team stated that “minor things matter” to a few small issues a Tesla owner pointed out about Supercharger V4 stalls

The Tesla Supercharging team has been working nonstop to expand the charging network and implement improvements to maintain and increase customer satisfaction. Soon, the Supercharging team will also cater to more non-Tesla EVs in the United States as more North American car manufacturers adopt Tesla NACS.

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Tesla exec takes note of Supercharger improvements from customer
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