Tesla Tier-1 supplier looks to expand its reach amid the EV sector’s exponential growth

(Credit: Tesla)

The parent company of one of Tesla’s Tier-1 suppliers is making some serious moves in the growing electric vehicle sector. As mentioned in recent reports, Wanfeng Auto Wheel, the parent company of Tesla supplier Meridian Lightweight Technologies, has expressed its commitment to providing the best lightweight solutions for new vehicles, particularly those in the EV segment. 

As noted in a China Knowledge report, Wanfeng Auto Wheel has focused its efforts over the years on developing high-quality aluminum alloy wheels and magnesium alloy parts. Such components are expected to see a spike in demand in the coming years, with automakers adopting more lightweight technologies to cater to a change in consumer preferences. 

This change is represented by the growing preference for electric cars like Teslas. Considering that electric vehicles are created with efficiency in mind, lightweight parts such as those supplied by Meridian play a huge part in effectively reducing weight and optimizing energy consumption. Meridian, and Wangfeng for that matter, has extensive experience in this area, thanks in part to its role as a Tesla Tier-1 supplier since 2014. 

Amidst the shift to electric cars and the upcoming ban on the internal combustion engine in regions such as Europe, the demand for lightweight vehicle parts is expected to grow exponentially, just like the EV sector. This growth will be notable in China, which is currently initiating a serious push to phase out the internal combustion engine and usher in an age of electric cars. 

Meridian and Wangfeng, for their part, seem to be ready for such a transition. Meridian currently stands as one of the world’s largest magnesium alloy parts supplier with plants in countries like the US, Canada, the UK, Mexico, and China. The company has also established close ties with several carmakers apart from Tesla, all of which are also involved in their respective EV programs. These include Porsche, which currently produces the Taycan, Mercedes-Benz, which produces the EQC, and Audi, which manufactures the e-tron. 

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Tesla Tier-1 supplier looks to expand its reach amid the EV sector’s exponential growth
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