Tesla Sweden customers criticize IF Metall as strike escalates

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Tesla customers in Sweden have criticized the IF Metall union as its strike against the car company escalates. 

The President of Tesla Owners Club Sweden, Tibor Blomhäll, commented that the strike is not affecting the car maker but is now hitting Tesla vehicle owners the most. A few days ago, the Tesla strike in Sweden expanded to all ports nationwide, affecting customers waiting for car deliveries. 

Recently, IF Metall’s strike against Tesla gained support from Seko, which promised to stop delivering packages to the company’s workshops and offices. The blockade on shipments to Tesla’s workshops has significantly hit Tesla owners across the country. One Model 3 owner stated that one of a few approved Tesla body repair shops in Sweden in Werksta has already been affected by Seko’s blockade.

“I accidentally hit a large rock in a parking lot, damaging the metal plates underneath the right-hand door in July. I scheduled my car for repairs at Werksta on October 30th. I drove my car to the repair shop and completed the necessary documentation to proceed with the repairs. 

“However, later that evening, I received a call informing me that I needed to retrieve my car. Werksta had decided to join the strike and would not be repairing any Tesla vehicles. This situation is incredibly unfortunate. I attempted to reach out to the Tesla team, but they closed the case, stating they couldn’t do anything,” the Model 3 owner told Teslarati. 

IF Metall’s contract secretary, Veli-Pekka Säikkälä, responded to the criticism by Tesla owners. He commented that preventing outsiders from being affected by the Tesla strike in Sweden is impossible.

“It is unfortunately the case that strikes often affect third parties. This has also been the case when nurses have gone on strike. I’m sorry. But it is not true that the strike does not affect Tesla. Werksta buys spare parts from Tesla, then they bring money into the Tesla system.

“It’s sad. People will certainly be angry with us. Sure, from Tesla, too. But the best way to take care of your customers is to write a collective agreement and not say no like a petulant child without stating what is wrong with the agreement,” responded Säikkälä.

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Tesla Sweden customers criticize IF Metall as strike escalates
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