Tesla Sweden employees offered payment to join the IF Metall strike

(Credit: Tesla)

IF Metall is offering Tesla Sweden employees payment to join the union’s strike. The Tesla Sweden strike is in its third week. It has gained a lot of support from big organizations in the country. But it has yet to gain significant support from the people it affects the most: Tesla employees. 

IF Metall is offering Tesla Sweden employees compensation to join its strike against the Texas-based company. The union is offering employees 130% more than Tesla’s salary. 

The strike against Tesla Sweden started when IF Metall issued a strike notice to the company after it refused to sign a collective agreement. Collective agreements are the primary way unions and employers determine the parameters for employment, including wages, occupational pension, working hours, and vacations. 

IF Metall claims that Tesla Sweden’s collective agreement would ensure employees have decent and safe working conditions. The union’s head of collective agreements, Veli-Pekka Saikkala, elaborated that the conflict between IF Metall and Tesla was about employee wages, pensions, and insurance. In response, Tesla Sweden claimed that it already offers better agreements to employees than the unions provide.

The union issued a strike notice to Tesla, informing the company that mechanics would walk off the job on Friday, October 27. However, the day came and passed without any Tesla employees joining the strike. A few Tesla employees shared that they didn’t need a strike since their working conditions and wages were better than previous workplaces or other automakers. Some of our readers in Sweden shared similar sentiments. They have informed Teslarati that Tesla Sweden employees do not want unions to be involved with their employment.

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Tesla Sweden employees offered payment to join the IF Metall strike
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