Tesla sends out official tickets for the Cybertruck delivery event

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Tesla has sent emails with official tickets to those invited to this week’s Cybertruck delivery event, as seen in a few screenshots on social media.

The upcoming Cybertruck delivery event is to be held on Thursday, and those who have been invited are reportedly receiving emails with official ticket stubs, as posted on X by several who are expected to attend. Separate ticket screenshots were shared on X on Tuesday from Sawyer Merritt, Omar of Whole Mars Blog, Dirty Tesla and others, still.

Initial invites for the Cybertruck delivery event began going out on November 14, though the recent emails appear to act as tickets for attendees.

In the screenshot from Merritt and those from others, you can see that the tickets show how attendees got access to the limited-capacity Cybertruck event in the “Pass Type” section, with many, including Sawyer, getting in through referral credits. The ticket includes a small divet like in a real ticket stub, as well as the fact that the event will be held at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

You can see the screenshots from the aforementioned attendees below, as sent to each individuals’ emails.

Credit: Sawyer Merritt | X

Credit: Whole Mars Catalog | X

Credit: Dirty Tesla | X

The event is set to get started around 1:00 p.m. CT on Thursday, according to Investor Relations head Martin Viecha, while the main presentation is expected to start at about 2:00 p.m. CT, per a post from Tesla’s Cybertruck page on X.

It’s still unclear how Tesla plans to price the Cybertruck, and the automaker has yet to share pricing or configuration information about the vehicle, all of which are now expected to be unveiled at the event.

Ahead of the event and amidst speculation as to how many Cybertrucks Tesla plans to deliver, around 25 of the vehicles have been spotted at Giga Texas. The unique electric pickups have also been appearing at Tesla showrooms across the U.S., drawing in massive crowds as individuals await their chance to see the Cybertruck in person.

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Tesla sends out official tickets for the Cybertruck delivery event
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