Tesla’s Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control shows impressive versatility in construction zone

Credit: Twitter | Fred Hassen

Tesla owners with the latest Full Self-Driving feature have been reporting exciting experiences with the company’s newest Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control feature. However, one driver shared an impressive video of his Model S navigating through a construction zone with a handheld stop sign, showing the feature’s versatility.

Fred Hassen is a Model S owner who has shared his experiences with Tesla’s FSD suite in the past. On April 28, Hassen was navigating through a small construction zone where roadwork was taking place. One of the construction workers was manually controlling the flow of traffic with a handheld stop sign.

The Model S equipped with FSD capability was able to identify the moveable stop sign and approach it safely. The car then stopped at an appropriate distance, proving that the update could recognize a variety of stop signs, not only ones on the side of the road.

This was a capability that was teased by Tesla AI Director Andrej Karpathy in a talk last February. During his discussion, Karpathy mentioned that training neural networks to recognize and respond to stop signs is very challenging due to their variations. One of the trickier ones are handheld stop signs, which have an active or passive state.

Tesla has released the feature in two stages, initially rolling it out to members of the Early Access Program before conducting a wide release. The feature undoubtedly has a somewhat mild-mannered operation as of now. Tesla admitted in the release notes that its nature is conservative, and it will continue to improve and drive with more confidence over time.

While the feature is available in the United States, Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted that its international release would not be available until at least Q3 2020. Musk stated that the refinements Tesla’s AI and Autopilot teams need to make to the software are crucial to the safety of the feature. Understanding the different traffic laws in different countries is imperative to ensure effective operation. “Very important to make sure this is done right,” Musk said.

With the wide release of Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control, Tesla also rolled out the Dashcam Viewer, allowing for convenient, in-car viewing of recorded clips from both Dashcam and Sentry Mode. Also, an update that notifies drivers of Out of Order Supercharger stalls was included. These features were also released to EAP members on April 3 and are now available to any Tesla owner who updates their vehicle to 2020.12.6.

Tesla’s Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control shows impressive versatility in construction zone
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