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Tesla 2024: What analysts are saying about outlook for the New Year

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Tesla closed out 2023 with a bang, reporting record deliveries for a calendar year and eclipsing the 1.8 million unit production goal that was set at the beginning of the year.

Now, 2024 is here, and analysts are putting into scope what could come from Tesla this year. There are a lot of rumors of what the automaker could bring to the table this year, including its rumored $25,000 vehicle, revamps of the Model 3 coming to the United States, and a new version of the Model Y hitting the scene. Tesla will also look to ramp up production of the Cybertruck this year.

Tesla Model 3 Highland delivery from Fremont expected by the end of Q1 2024

Analysts are split on what they expect from Tesla in 2024, while the bulls are being bulls and the bears are being bears. What else should we expect, right?

But for what it is worth, in order to get a well-rounded perspective of what might be on the way, we are looking at both sides of the argument, highlighting what Tesla’s supporting analysts are expecting from the company in 2024. Inversely, we will also look at the more pessimistic analysts, and why they feel 2024 could be the most challenging year for Tesla yet.

Bullish Sentiments

Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas is one of the bulls in the Tesla story, and he projects roughly 2.25 million vehicle deliveries this year.

Additionally, Jonas feels that the true indication of Tesla’s dominance will be felt outside of China, where it has struggled to keep up with domestic automakers. Instead, the focus is in the United States and Europe:

“Outside of China, we struggle to see anyone who can compete with Tesla at this stage. We don’t think it’s a coincidence at all that Tesla’s ‘stepped up’ engagement with foreign countries comes at a time when China has surpassed Japan as the largest exporter of passenger cars.”

Jonas maintained a $380 price target on the stock.

Meanwhile, Jefferies reiterated a ‘Hold’ rating on the stock but raised its 12-month price target to $255 from $210 after reporting its 2023 volume.

A note from analysts at the firm stated that, although there were no significant changes in volume, there was a decrease in leasing adoption and above-expected delivery numbers for “Other Models,” meaning Model S, Model X, and Cybertruck. These could indicate an easier 4680 battery production ramp, or, perhaps, a better-than-expected Cybertruck ramp-up as the early months of the project continue on.

Analysts from Jefferies wrote (via Investing):

“High deliveries of Cybertrucks in Q4 may not help 2023 profitability and we continue to see the vehicle as Off-Mission. Still, it would suggest an earlier or smoother ramp manufacturing 4680 cells or trucks than feared.”

Bearish Narratives

The Bear argument is one that many firms continue to maintain, and Deutsche Bank is one, especially as the firm sees a “large downside risk” on Tesla stock moving forward.

Analysts from the firm see guidance of 2.1 million units being realistic, as well as a veer-away from the 50 percent CAGR over the mid-term.

The risk comes from reduced volume forecast due to market assumptions, pricing pressures, the Cybertruck’s potential impact on Tesla’s strong margins, and an elevated tax rate in China.

Additionally, Toni Sacconaghi believes the auotmaker could fall 40 percent this year, especially as margin pressure comes to the forefront. He also believes Tesla will “disappoint on volumes.”

Sacconaghi said in December Tesla was the best stock to short heading into the New Year, and while he reiterated his $150 price target on the stock, the analyst seems to share the same sentiments as Deutsche Bank. Margins are the focus for bears in 2024, and Tesla has some of the best in the automotive industry for years.

Tesla shares were down roughly 3.75 percent at the time of publish, trading around $239 a share.

Disclosure: I own Tesla shares.

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Tesla 2024: What analysts are saying about outlook for the New Year
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