Ford adjusts F-150 Lightning prices in both directions

Credit: Ford Motor Company

Ford has kicked off 2024 with a round of price adjustments on trims of the F-150 Lightning, the EV iteration of its extremely popular pickup truck.

The prices of Ford’s lower-level trims of the F-150 Lightning have increased by as little as $2,000 and as much as $10,000, while the more premium trims, like the Platinum and Platinum Black, saw decreases by as much as $7,000.

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Additionally, the Flash configuration is being introduced to the lineup and will start at $73,495.

Ford’s new pricing for the F-150 Lightning is as follows:

  • Pro – $54,995, an increase of $5,000
  • XLT – $64,995, an increase of $10,000
  • Flash – $73,495
  • Lariat – $79,495, an increase of $2,000
  • Platinum – $84,995, a decrease of $7,000
  • Platinum Black – $92,995, a decrease of $5,000

Ford spokesperson Marty Gunsberg commented on the price changes in an email to Teslarati earlier this morning, stating:

“The F-150 Lightning is America’s best-selling electric pickup after a record fourth quarter, and demand continues to grow.  We are making adjustments to pricing, production and trim packages to achieve the optimal mix of sales growth, profitability, and customer access to the IRA tax benefit.”

These changes are only applicable to the Model Year 2024 releases of the F-150 Lightning, and 2023 Model Year versions remain unchanged.

Additionally, Gunsberg told us that it will be updating incentives for the 2023 Mustang Mach-E, which will feature available $7,500 Red Carpet Lease Cash when leased through Ford Credit.

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Ford adjusts F-150 Lightning prices in both directions
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