Tesla (TSLA) jumps amid optimistic reports of Q3 deliveries, China Q4 targets

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Tesla shares (NASDAQ:TSLA) are showing some momentum on Tuesday amid reports of the company’s strong end-of-quarter push and optimistic forecasts for China in Q4 2022. 

Tesla has maintained that it intends to end 2022 with a delivery growth of about 50% compared to the previous year. Such a target is ambitious, especially since Tesla delivered 936,222 vehicles in 2021. Meeting this target would result in the company delivering about 1.4 million all-electric vehicles in 2022. 

As per recent reports, it appears that the company is building momentum as it pursues its 1.4 million vehicle delivery target. Citing an email to employees, EV fan blog Electrek noted that Tesla is expecting a very high volume of deliveries as the third quarter comes to a close. These efforts were hinted at in recent drone flyovers of the Fremont Factory, which showed large numbers of vehicles being shipped from the site. 

Apart from this, a report from Reuters also indicated that Tesla China is looking to produce about 20,500 vehicles per week in the fourth quarter, and that’s with Gigafactory Shanghai being kept at 93% capacity. Even at 93% capacity, however, this would likely result in a 33% improvement in production compared to the third quarter, or about 266,500 vehicles until the end of the year. 

Tesla China seems to be on track to produce about 200,000 vehicles this Q3. Reports from China suggested that Tesla produced a total of 38,719 vehicles in July 2022. In August 2022, Giga Shanghai’s production was estimated to have improved to 76,605 units. Estimates suggest that Giga Shanghai could produce over 80,000 vehicles this September. 

Tesla is expected to report a record tally of about 350,000 to 370,000 vehicles in the third quarter. This is a high bar, considering that the electric vehicle maker’s best quarter so far was Q1 2022, when the company posted deliveries of 310,000 vehicles worldwide. 

As of writing, Tesla shares are trading up 3.38% in Tuesday’s opening bell.

Disclaimer: I am long TSLA.

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Tesla (TSLA) jumps amid optimistic reports of Q3 deliveries, China Q4 targets
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