Hertz BP partnership

Hertz partners with BP to place EV chargers

Hertz, bp collaborate to accelerate EV charging in North America (Credit: Hertz/BP)

Hertz has partnered with BP to place EV chargers at existing Hertz locations nationally.

Hertz announced today that it had entered a Memorandum of Understanding with BP to place the company’s Pulse EV charging stations at Hertz locations. This is part of Hertz’s larger plan to aggressively electrify and offer customers the best electric vehicle rental experience.

Hertz has become well known for its enormous electric vehicle fleet orders from Tesla (100,000 vehicles), Polestar (65,000 vehicles), and, most recently, General Motors (175,000 vehicles). Now they hope to offer charging for those vehicles at their existing locations, making it easier for customers to use their rented electric vehicles and helping to keep EVs charged while they are between rental reservations.

While the press release did not mention specifics regarding the number of EV chargers, the number of locations, or a timeline of implementation, Hertz did give some basic info on where they are currently offering EV rentals. 500 Hertz locations in 38 U.S. states are currently offering EV rentals, and this number is only expected to increase as the brand plans to be one-quarter electric by 2024.

BP sees this partnership as a fantastic way to launch BP Pulse in the U.S. with a significant expansion of service locations, primarily because BP Pulse at Hertz locations will be open to the public for charging. In a statement for the press release, Bernard Looney, BP chief executive, said: “It’s brilliant to be joining forces with Hertz – quite simply, they are one of the biggest names on the road. Working together to deliver charging facilities and design solutions, we believe we can take the EV driving experience to the next level for U.S. customers. And this is just the start for bp pulse in the United States.”

As Hertz continues its aggressive electrification plans, it may prove to be an industry leader. Its implementation of EV chargers will undoubtedly only help them as they look to attract customers, many of whom may be new to EVs and may be nervous at the prospect of charging and its availability.

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Hertz partners with BP to place EV chargers
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