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Tesla bull Ives expects ‘across the board’ Q3 Earnings Beat following record deliveries

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Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) bull and Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives expects the electric automaker to deliver an “across the board” Earnings Call beat on Wednesday after reporting record deliveries earlier this month.

Tesla reported in early October that it had delivered 241,300 vehicles in Q3, a record for the company. Deliveries mostly consisted of Tesla’s mass-market Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. However, following the initial deliveries of the Model X Refresh, which began last weekend, Tesla now has its full vehicle lineup once again.

The return of Tesla’s flagship SUV to the vehicle lineup bodes well for Tesla’s future production capacity and delivery figures. Ives believes the pace of Tesla’s growth, which is supported by Quarter-over-Quarter delivery records and the expansion of sales in China, primes the company to report another Earnings beat in every important metric on Wednesday.

Tesla stock (TSLA) is roaring forward as Q3 2021 earnings approaches

“The strength was driven by robust Model 3/Y sales of 232k vs. the Street of 211k, with Model S/X of 9k vs. the Street’s 10k. Total production in the quarter was 238k and was roughly 10k ahead of our and Street estimates,” Ives wrote in the note. “Taking a step back with the chip shortage, a major overhang on the auto space, and logistical issues globally, these numbers combined with this week’s likely earnings beat speaks to an EV demand trajectory that looks quite robust for Tesla heading into 4Q and 2022,” Ives added.

Tesla’s ability to navigate the global chip and semiconductor shortage has continued to astound analysts across the sector. Tesla is one of the few automakers to not have their production output hinder as a result of the chip shortages, which have hindered many automakers’ sales in 2021, driving up the prices of new and used cars this year.

Outside of the U.S., Tesla is also experiencing healthy demand and sales, especially in China. “We believe China demand rebounded in the quarter and is a clear indicator of the step-up in EV demand taking place globally with China leading the way,” Ives wrote. “While there are many competitors in the EV space, Tesla continues to dominate market share as evidenced again this quarter while battling through the chip shortage and now is seeing rebounding China demand after facing headwinds earlier this year.”

Wedbush anticipates China will represent 40%+ of global deliveries for Tesla next year. China is perhaps Tesla’s most crucial region for the longer-term bull thesis, as well as broader EV demand, Ives continued in the note.

Tesla’s Q3 2021 Earnings Call will take place on Wednesday, October 20th, at market close. A Shareholder Deck will first be released, with the Earnings Call with Tesla executives taking place at around 5:30 PM EDT, 2:30 PM PDT.

Ives is ranked 23 out of 7,701 analysts on TipRanks. He holds a $1,000 price target on Tesla stock and a “Buy” position.

Disclosure: Joey Klender is a TSLA Shareholder.

Tesla bull Ives expects ‘across the board’ Q3 Earnings Beat following record deliveries
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