Tesla puts two chefs on road to success after investing in TSLA using stimulus checks

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When Stephane Saint Louis, originally of Haiti, and Steven Vargas of Petaluma, CA, received their first round of stimulus checks last year, the pair knew they had to put the money to good use. The pair dreamt of starting a restaurant of their own, but capital was tight and a pandemic was raging. Thus, Saint Louis and Vargas opted to put their stimulus checks to good use. 

They used them to purchase Tesla stock. It was seen as a last resort of sorts for the pair, as they realized that their SBA loans will likely not be available considering the challenges of the pandemic.

The $2,400 investment from the pair of chefs was notable, but they believed that if they played their cards right, they could probably double their money. Tesla, after all, seemed to be hitting its stride, propelled by a string of profitable quarters and ongoing projects in Gigafactory Berlin, Shanghai, and Texas. 

Fortunately for Saint Louis and Vargas, they bought Tesla just as the electric car maker was about to rise to new heights. The pair saw their humble investment not just double, but grow to far more than they expected. The two eventually used their $17,000 return as capital for their own business, called Table Culture Provisions in Petaluma. 

The pair of chefs and Tesla supporters took the place of a previous establishment in the Petaluma area. Saint Louis and Vargas are confident in their business, ensuring that their menu is 100% locally sourced, with food and produce from farmers in Petaluma and around the Bay Area. Thus, the pair’s menu ends up being different every day, since they create them based on the local ingredients available. 

To further support the local food community, the restaurant also doubles as a small market with items such as bread, lemon cakes, and other desserts. Saint Louis and Vargas, for their part, have noted that they plan to sell other products from other Bay Area businesses from their restaurant as well. 

Watch ABC’s segment on the Tesla investors-turned-restauranteur in the video below. 

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Tesla puts two chefs on road to success after investing in TSLA using stimulus checks
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