Tesla update 2024.26 introduces Parental Controls with “Night Curfew,” speed limits, and more

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Tesla is reportedly rolling out software update 2024.26 to its employees, and as per observations from the electric vehicle community, this particular update seems to include a number of interesting features. Most notable is Parental Controls, which arguably make Teslas the best vehicle for young drivers. 

As per Tesla software trackers like Tessie and NotATeslaApp, update 2024.26 is currently rolling out to company employees. Provided that the update’s rollout to employees is successful, 2024.26 would likely be released to the company’s greater fleet of vehicles soon. 

A number of features are quite notable in Tesla’s update 2024.26. Parental Controls, for one, include a “Night Curfew” feature that allows parents to receive notifications to their Tesla App when the vehicle is driven past a set curfew. It also allows users to set speed limits, set acceleration restrictions, and activate safety features. Tesla describes its new Parental Control features in 2024.26’s release notes. 

“You can now enable Parental Controls with a PIN on your vehicle. Set a maximum speed limit and limit acceleration to Chill. Turn on safety features, such as Speed Limit Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, and Forward Collision Warning. Configure Night Curfew to receive notifications through your Tesla mobile app when the vehicle is driven past curfew.

“Enable Parental Controls from the vehicle or the Tesla mobile app. Navigate to Controls > Safety > Parental Controls. Follow the instructions on screen and provide a PIN. Drivers can’t disable the controls or change the settings without re-entering the PIN.”

While Teslas have long been shipped with Valet Mode, which restricts a car’s speed and acceleration and disables Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD), owners have long requested the EV maker to specifically release a “Teen Driver Mode” of sorts. Back in May, it seemed that the Tesla owners’ requests were being heard, with noted Tesla hacker @greentheonly stating that “restricted” driver profiles seem to be coming in a future update. This update appears to be 2024.26. 

Apart from Parental Controls, Tesla’s software update 2024.26 also includes a number of novel features that would most likely be appreciated by electric vehicle owners. Following are the other features that were included in software update 2024.26. 

YouTube Music

Listen to over 100 million songs with YouTube Music Premium. Access your Library to see all of your liked and added songs, playlists you created and artists and podcasts you subscribed to.

Requires Premium Connectivity or an active WiFi connection.

Amazon Music 

Prime members get access to over 100 million songs in shuffle mode, All-Access playlists, plus the largest catalog of top ad-free podcasts. Upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited for full, on-demand access.

Requires Premium Connectivity or an active WiFi connection.

Navigate to Sub-Destinations 

Now when you enter a navigation destination you can select a sub-destination (such as a specific terminal at the airport) to get more accurate routing details.

Weather Forecast and Air Quality 

Your vehicle status bar now shows the local weather conditions alongside the temperature. When air quality is poor, your vehicle also shows an AQI symbol and index value.

Tap the temperature on your touchscreen to see details about your local weather forecast, such as the weather condition, highs and lows of the day, and the chance of rain. Requires Premium Connectivity.

Schedule Charge and Preconditioning 

From the redesigned menu or the Tesla mobile app, schedule charging or preconditioning for your vehicle. You can select a location, schedule a one-off, repeat specific times or days of the week, and also control when charging starts and stops.

To schedule your charge and precondition, tap Controls > Schedule.

Other Updates 

  • The Battle of Polytopia – ∑∫ỹriȱŋ ₼idŋighţ Skin Update – Create graves, build crypts, and summon demons from the graves in the dark forests with the special ∑∫ỹriȱŋ ₼idŋighţ skin.
  • Vampire Survivors – “Laborratory” Update – Discover the secrets to dark mysteries with a new character, power-up, achievements, stages, and weapons.
  • A redesigned climate panel allows you to select your comfort settings with ease.
  • When in Auto, the fan speed may now automatically lower to reduce the sound of ambient noise during a phone call.
  • Zoom meetings now default to full-screen when your car is in Park. You can also log in with QR code.
  • TeslaMic is now supported in conjunction with availability in the Tesla store.

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Tesla update 2024.26 introduces Parental Controls with “Night Curfew,” speed limits, and more
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