Tesla is preparing for a substantial V3 Supercharger push in Los Angeles

Tesla has been working to ramp the presence of its V3 Superchargers since its initial introduction in March 2019. Now that the electric carmaker is experiencing high demand for its vehicles worldwide, faster charging times are more desirable for all drivers. In Los Angeles, where EVs, Teslas, in particular, are extremely popular, the electric car company is working on expanding its V3 Supercharger presence with a sizeable installation of over 200 stalls in 2021.

A photograph captured by Reddit user u/WhereUGo_ThereUAre shows a bi-fold sign outside of the new Supercharger in Downtown Los Angeles. The sign says, “200+ V3 Charging Stalls: Coming to the LA Metro 2021.”

Credit: u/WhereUGo_ThereUAre on Reddit

The 200+ stall installation will effectively double the number of V3 Superchargers in the Los Angeles area. With about 20 stations currently operating within the region, about 200 stalls are currently available. However, Teslas are among the most popular cars in the state of California. With around four million people living in Los Angeles, accounting for 1/10th of the state’s population, electric vehicles are being driven by many people, and charging stalls are needed.

While EVs continue to establish themselves in today’s automotive market, Tesla is certainly leading the charge. In Q1 2020, the Tesla Model 3 was the most-registered “Near Luxury” car, according to InsideEVs. Meanwhile, the Model S was listed as the third-most-popular “Luxury and High End Sports Car,” and the Model X was the third-most-popular “Luxury Mid Size SUV.”

Tesla has certainly established itself as the main player in the entire EV sector, but its home state of California is also is a hotspot for the carmaker. With higher demand comes the need for more charging stations.

The Red indicators denote a Tesla Supercharging Station that is currently operational. (Credit: Tesla)

Credit: Tesla

With 17,467 Superchargers across the world, Tesla has made a point to make charging availability more widespread than in the past. Early on, the adoption of EVs was relatively small and confined to California. Now that EVs are making their way across the globe, stalls are needed. Tesla has solved that issue, but now comes the challenge of making stalls charge a vehicle efficiently.

With a more concerted effort to install V3 Superchargers in new regions, owners will spend less time at the charging station and more time on the road.

The importance of installing high-powered charging stalls also eliminates the narrative that charging an electric vehicle is a time-consuming process. With the V3 Supercharger offering speeds of up to 1,000 MPH thanks to a 250kW power rate, charging a Tesla takes no longer than it would to grab a coffee or get something to eat. Not to mention, the features Tesla has included, like Hulu and Netflix, make a charging session more enjoyable for the whole family.

Tesla is preparing for a substantial V3 Supercharger push in Los Angeles
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