Tesla V4 Supercharger installation ramping in Europe

(Credit: Tesla Charging)

Tesla V4 Supercharger installations are ramping up in Europe. The Tesla Charging team recently announced a few new V4 Superchargers in Europe consecutively via Elon Musk’s X platform. 

In September, Tesla received €149 million in funding from the European Union to update and expand its Supercharger network in Europe. The Texas-based automaker plans to use the funding to install or upgrade our 7,000 Superchargers to V4. Based on the charging team’s recent announcement. Tesla certainly seems to be putting the funding to good use. 

Most of the new V4 Superchargers were announced in a single day: December 19, 2023. The majority of the installations appeared to be in Germany. Tesla also concentrated on installing new V4 Superchargers were installed in the United Kingdom (UK) and France. Italy received 8 new V4 Superchargers in Settimo Torinese, too.

Tesla Supercharger installations in the UK

On December 19, the Tesla Charging team announced four new V4 Supercharger installations in Heartlands, United Kingdom. Tesla also installed 16 V3 Superchargers in Pease Pottage, UK.

Recent Tesla V4 Superchargers in Germany

Meanwhile, in Germany, Tesla installed 8 V4 Superchargers in Zweibrüken and another 8 V4 Superchargers in Altdorf. Tesla also opened 20 V4 Superchargers in Bayreuth and another 12 in Baden-Baden. 12 more V4 Superchargers were installed in München, Germany. 

Recent Tesla V4 Supercharger installations in France

A whopping 16 V4 Superchargers opened for service in Dinan, France. Another 8 V4 Superchargers were installed in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges. 

The first V4 Superchargers rolled out in Europe in March 2023. The first stalls opened in the Netherlands in Harderwijk. Meanwhile, in the United States, the first V4 Superchargers opened in Sparks, Nevada.

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Tesla V4 Supercharger installation ramping in Europe
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