Tesla vehicles purchased by multiple state-owned enterprises in Shanghai

Credit: Tesla Asia/X

The Tesla Model Y Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) recently made it to the Jiangsu provincial government’s NEV procurement catalog in China. As it turns out, Tesla China is just getting started, as more state-owned entities from Shanghai are now purchasing the all-electric crossover. 

As per a statement from the Lingang investment promotion service center, multiple state-owned enterprises in Shanghai have purchased Tesla Model Y units for corporate use. This is reportedly part of Shanghai’s efforts to optimize its business environment and demonstrate equal treatment for domestic and foreign companies, as noted in a CNEV Post report. 

Among the state-owned enterprises that have purchased the Tesla Model Y are the Chengtou Xinggang Group and Lingang Investment Holding Group. Overall, the recent announcement from the Lingang investment promotion service center stands as the most recent victory for Tesla China, especially considering the government’s cautious stance on the company’s vehicles in the past.

It was not too long ago when Tesla’s vehicles were seemingly perceived by the Chinese government as potential security risks. At the time, some Tesla owners in China alleged that they have been barred from entering places such as government parks and airports. These concerns have seemingly dissipated, especially amidst Tesla’s construction of a data center that keeps China-based Tesla users’ data within the country and Elon Musk’s recent visit to China. 

The Lingang investment promotion service center noted that Tesla Giga Shanghai established the notion of “Tesla Speed” and “Shanghai Speed,” which refers to a project that starts construction and enters operations in the same year. The promotion service center also noted that Giga Shanghai freed Elon Musk and Tesla from “production hell,” and the facility has since become a testament to the excellent business environment in Shanghai.  

The Tesla Model Y is reasonably priced, and it is more than capable for corporate use. In Jiangsu, the Model Y was able to meet the provincial government’s requirements for its NEV procurement catalog because it was priced under RMB 250,000 ($34,382) and it has a range that far exceeds 400 kilometers (248 miles). The Model Y RWD is listed with a CLTC range of 554 kilometers and is priced at $249,990 ($34,268) before options.

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Tesla vehicles purchased by multiple state-owned enterprises in Shanghai
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