Tesla Wall Connector chargers now available on Best Buy

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla wall connectors are now available on Best Buy’s online shop. The addition hints at Tesla’s motivation for its charging connector and charger port to truly become the charging standard in North America. 

Best Buy’s online shop sells Tesla’s Generation 3 andits J1772 wall connector. The Gen 3 wall connector costs $400.00. A 12-month financing plan is available for card members, too, making the Gen 3 wall charger $33.34 per month. The J1772 wall charger costs a bit more at $550.00. Card members could opt for the 18-month financing plan, allowing them to pay $30.56 monthly for the J1772 charger. Best Buy also offers the J1772 for $45.84 per month under a 12-month financing plan to card members.

Earlier this month, Tesla announced that its charging connector and charge port would be called the North American Charging Standard or NACS moving forward. Tesla opened its EV connector design to the world on November 11. The company invited charging network operators and vehicle manufacturers to use the NACS.

“With more than a decade of use and 20 billion EV charging miles to its name, the Tesla charging connector is the most proven in North America, offering AC charging and up to 1 MW DC charging in one slim package. It has no moving parts, is half the size, and twice as powerful as Combined Charging System (CCS) connectors,” noted Tesla.

By opening the design of its charging connector and charging port to the world, Tesla has made a move to become the North American Standard for EV chargers. Aptera already called for Congress to adopt Tesla’s Supercharger technology as the Standard for all EV charging in the United States. Tesla noted that other network operators are also planning to use NACS in their chargers. 

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Tesla Wall Connector chargers now available on Best Buy
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