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Tesla watchers report busy delivery centers as Q2 2024 enters its final weeks

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The second quarter of 2024 is in its final weeks, and it appears that Tesla is doing all that it can to make sure that it delivers as many vehicles as possible to consumers before the end of the month. This was hinted at in social media posts from the Tesla community across the globe.

Tesla had a challenging first quarter. As noted by the company during its Q1 2024 earnings call, Tesla encountered challenges such as a literal arson attack against Giga Berlin, as well as the Red Sear conflict. These, together with the ramp of the reengineered Model 3 in the Fremont Factory, partly resulted in Tesla’s Q1 delivery numbers falling short of expectations at 386,810 units.

As noted by Musk during the Q1 2024 earnings call, however, the second quarter would probably see more vehicle deliveries. “We think Q2 will be a lot better,” Musk said.

If recent observations from the electric vehicle community are any indication, it would appear that Tesla seems to be pushing a lot of deliveries as of late. At the end of May, reports emerged stating that Tesla’s Crab Island Beijing Delivery Center in China just had its largest delivery volume day. What was was quite remarkable was that the deliveries reportedly happened on a Sunday.

More recently, Tesla watchers in China have also reported that the electric vehicle maker’s Chengdu Longquan Delivery Center has been incredibly busy. Images from the location show a holding lot full of Tesla vehicles, as well as large group of customers waiting to take delivery of their all-electric vehicles. These suggest that Tesla China may be quite busy this month as it attempts to deliver as many vehicles before the end of Q2 2024.

Over in Australia, a Tesla watcher recently shared a video of a large number of vehicles waiting to be delivered at Tesla Mulgrave in Melbourne, Australia. As noted by Tesla watcher @ryanjaycowan, he has never really seen such a volume of vehicles in the location before. The presence of the vehicles suggests that Tesla may see quite a good number of deliveries this second quarter despite mainstream reports alleging that demand for electric cars are cratering.

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Tesla watchers report busy delivery centers as Q2 2024 enters its final weeks
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