Passenger video puts Tesla’s beautiful Model S glass roof on display

A new 4k video shot by a passenger sitting in the back seat of a Model S with an all glass roof highlights its ability to showcase amazing views, regardless of location.

The video was posted by Redditor humanwire over on the Tesla subreddit. The original poster noted that the rear windows have CR20 tint which only lets 20% of the light in. In comparison to the rear windows, the all glass roof still looks very dark while still letting in a good amount of light.

The original poster commented that, “it’s tinted so dark that it just feels like a regular roof in my peripheral vision while I’m driving. It’s only if you look straight up do you see anything, and mainly only during the daytime.” This first-hand experience should put future owners minds at ease over concerns that the roof might let too much light in or be too bright. Conversely, it also eases concerns that it is too dark and would block any meaningful views when looking out through the roof.

My experience in my Tesla Model S with the panoramic roof has been similar with the mostly glass roof. It has never been too warm, too bright or too dark. Granted, I live in temperate Southern California where it doesn’t get too hot.

Similar fears were raised when the Model X arrived with its massive windshield, with Tesla even going so far as to offer sunshades to owners for free. After more users took ownership of Model X’s, similar videos surfaced of first-person videos in the X, revealing the unparalleled views of the world around. In the time I’ve spent in an X, my experience was similar to riding in a helicopter cockpit.

Check out the video below and let us know if this video changes your thoughts on getting the glass roof on your next Tesla. Model 3 owners will be in for a treat.

Passenger video puts Tesla’s beautiful Model S glass roof on display
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