The Boring Company’s San Antonio Loop negotiations are inching forward

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The Boring Company is currently engaging with San Antonio leaders to explore and potentially pursue an underground transportation tunnel system. Similar to the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop, the San Antonio project could utilize a fleet of Teslas. 

The talks come about a month after The Boring Company was identified by the Alamo Regional Mobility Authority (RMA) as one of the best options for public transportation in the city. Alamo Regional Mobility Authority Chair Mike Lynd believes that the Boring Company’s transportation tunnels are feasible. Lynd also noted that the tunnels could provide benefits to the area

“I think it’s very real. I think this is something that has a chance to be a game-changer for San Antonio. This is a project that fixes congestion, increases mobility, and produces a revenue stream. It extends the useful life of our existing infrastructure,” Lynd said

The Boring Company’s proposed tunnel system for San Antonio is projected to feature a pair of underground tunnels that are 12 feet in diameter. The expected cost of the tunnels is upwards of $250 million, which is quite reasonable considering the typical cost of public transportation projects. 

The proposed initial route for the San Antonio tunnels would connect the San Antonio International Airport with the city center. Similar to the planned Vegas Loop, the tunnels would feature exit and entry points in the form of street-level stations. The Alamo RMA would be sharing in revenue from The Boring Company tunnels’ ridership. A potential expansion for the system in the future could also be considered. 

The Boring Company has been operating its first Loop system in the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). The project, which is more of a proof-of-concept for the tunneling startup’s technology, has so far been operating well. During a recent meeting, LVCVA Chief Financial Officer Ed Finger noted that the LVCC Loop has been meeting “our expectations and our customers’ expectations.”

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The Boring Company’s San Antonio Loop negotiations are inching forward
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