The Boring Company event sneak peak: venue, tunneling machine, completed watchtower

(Photo: Tom Cross/Teslarati)

After months of operating underground, The Boring Company is coming to the surface with the unveiling event of its test tunnel in Hawthorne, CA. The Boring Company is set to livestream Tuesday’s opening party, as Elon Musk presents what could very well be the first step towards a future connected with ultra-high-speed tunnels.

The Boring Company’s tunnel unveiling event is poised to feature a lot of fun,  lighthearted activities, as represented by the multi-story medieval watchtower constructed on the opening party’s venue. The idea of the watchtower came from one of Elon Musk’s playful Twitter sessions, where he announced that the tunneling startup would be building a watchtower on the Los Angeles site, where a person dressed as a knight would be tasked to “yell insults at people in a French accent” to passers-by — a reference to one of the most memorable scenes in the classic comedy film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

The Boring Company’s completed watchtower. (Photo: Pauline Acalin/Teslarati)

The watchtower was constructed in a quick and clever manner, with the Boring Co. utilizing a metal framework overlaid with pre-made sections of Boring Bricks. Teslarati photographer Pauline Acalin has followed the tower’s construction over the past couple of weeks, and returning to the site on Monday, she was able to capture images of a fully-constructed watchtower, complete with wooden window shutters and more refined brickwork.

Driving by the site on Monday night, Pauline and fellow Teslarati photographer Tom Cross were able to capture more images of the opening party’s venue. Pictures and video taken of the site reveal that The Boring Company is already setting up the lights and the sound system for the event.  Some details of Elon Musk’s completed Monty Python-style watchtower, such as torches on both sides of the structure’s wooden doors, could also be seen. Furthermore, The Boring Company appears to have laid some accent lighting on a tunnel boring machine currently under construction, which is set to be utilized for its high-profile Chicago tunneling project.

The venue for The Boring Company’s opening event on Tuesday, December 18, 2018. (Photo: Tom Cross/Teslarati)

The Boring Company’s test tunnel unveiling event on Tuesday stands as a milestone for the young startup. Elon Musk, for one, noted in a tweet earlier this month that the December 18 product launch will be “more than a tunnel opening.” Seemingly teasing some progress on a garage-elevator concept that the company is building near the SpaceX headquarters, Musk also stated that the event would “include modded but fully road legal autonomous transport cars & ground to tunnel car elevators.” Free test rides would be offered to the public after the tunnel unveiling event as well.

While The Boring Company is considered more as one of Elon Musk’s more fun hobbies, the startup has been extending its reach nonetheless. The company, for one, beat out more experienced rivals when it was selected to construct a high-speed transport line that would connect downtown Chicago to O’Hare airport. Recent permits from Hawthorne also reveal that The Boring Company is opening The Brick Store, a physical location that will sell Boring Bricks, which could be used for fun projects or low-cost construction and are made from tunneling rock.

Be sure to follow along on Twitter as we take you behind the scenes at The Company unveiling. For now, enjoy this 6-minute footage from Tom and Pauline as they scouted the site of tonight’s opening party.

The Boring Company event sneak peak: venue, tunneling machine, completed watchtower
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