The Boring Company starts building Elon Musk’s ‘Monty Python’-style watchtower

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Last month, Elon Musk announced that The Boring Company is building a watchtower in Los Angeles, and that the tunneling startup would need someone who can “yell insults at people in a French accent” to work on the site. As strange and unusual as the job listing was, a position for “Watchtower Guard” did appear on the Boring Company’s official website.

The watchtower that the knight would be placed at is expected to be built with Boring Bricks, which are durable, low-cost blocks made from tunneling rock and dirt from TBC’s digging operations. As Elon Musk and The Boring Company shared images and clips of the guards’ hiring process, the tunneling startup appears to have started the construction of its watchtower as well. Recent photos taken by Teslarati photographer Pauline Acalin reveal that as of Tuesday, the framework of a tall structure near the Boring Company’s tunnels is already in the process of being built.

The Boring Company’s watchtower starts taking shape. [Credit: Pauline Acalin/Teslarati]

Musk’s recent tweets and the Boring Company’s job opening are yet another display of the SpaceX and Tesla CEO’s love for pop culture. The watchtower guard job listing, after all, is a direct reference to the knight played by actor John Cleese in 1975’s Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a classic film widely regarded as one of the funniest movies ever made. In one of the film’s most memorable scenes, a sharp-tongued French guard taunted King Arthur by hurling multiple insults from the top of a castle wall.

If the metal framework for the structure is any indication, it appears that The Boring Company’s watchtower would be quite tall. This could be seen in photos showing the watchtower easily matching the height of a nearby multi-story building. The construction of the tower seems to be in its initial stages, though, as the Boring Bricks are yet to be overlaid on the structure.

The Boring Company’s watchtower starts taking shape. [Credit: Pauline Acalin/Teslarati]

Elon Musk’s companies always carry a little bit of fun and playfulness. Tesla’s electric cars, for one, are loaded with features such as fun Easter Eggs and references to pop culture, as shown in Autopilot’s “Mad Max” setting and a volume bar that maxes out at 11 — a direct reference to This is Spinal Tap. The same is true for SpaceX, with the red Tesla Roadster that was sent to space on the Falcon Heavy’s maiden voyage being loaded to the brim with sci-fi references. With these in mind, The Boring Company’s nods to Monty Python and the Holy Grail in the form of an insult-hurling French-accented watchtower guard could be described as classic Elon Musk.

Considering the watchtower’s state as of Tuesday though, there seems to be a pretty slim chance that the structure would be completed by December 10, the date set by The Boring Company for the public opening of the recently-finished¬†Hawthorne test tunnel. In a Twitter announcement, Musk stated that the test tunnel will have an opening event on the night of December 10, and by December 11, free rides through the tunnel system would be offered to the public.

The Boring Company’s activities in Hawthorne have been ramping recently. Apart from the test tunnel that would soon be opened to the public, work is also being done in the company’s Prairie Ave. site, which hosts TBC’s prototype garage-elevator concept. In a nearby location, images taken by Teslarati photographers suggest that a tunnel boring machine gantry is under construction as well.

Watch the iconic Monty Python watchtower guard scene in the video below.

The Boring Company starts building Elon Musk’s ‘Monty Python’-style watchtower
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