Porsche rolls out another Taycan teaser in the form of an instructional video

Porsche is gearing up for the production of its very first all-electric vehicle — the Taycan. Initially dubbed as the Mission E sedan prior to being christened with its official name, the Taycan is expected to start production sometime in 2019.

There is no doubt that the upcoming sedan is attracting a lot of interest from the EV community. That said, the vehicle just has this one tiny issue — its name is proving to be a pain to pronounce. To address this, Porsche has released its latest teaser for the vehicle, which comes in the form of an instructional video on how to pronounce “Taycan” correctly.

While it is easy to point the blame at Porsche for giving its first all-electric car a tricky name, this is not the first time that the legacy carmaker has published a “how to pronounce” video. Back in 2016, the company rolled out a similar ad, demonstrating the correct pronunciation for “Porsche.” In that particular video, Porsche even provided the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcription of its name (pɔɐ̯ʃə) to ensure that viewers could pronounce its name correctly.

Needless to say, a good number of Porsche fans still pronounce the company’s name as “Porsch” or even “Porch” today.  

As for the recent Taycan ad? Porsche notes that the correct pronunciation of the vehicle’s name is “Tie-con, and not “Tei-can” or “Tei-ken. This notably limits the amount of Liam Neeson references that can be related to the electric car, but it does help ensure that Porsche fans don’t embarrass themselves when speaking to German owners and enthusiasts about the sleek, zero-emissions high-performance EV.

Inasmuch as Porsche’s latest Taycan ad is a bit amusing, it should be noted that the Taycan is actually one of the only vehicles in the company’s lineup with a name that’s a pain to pronounce. Other cars, such as the 911, the Macan, and the Cayenne, after all, are pretty much impossible to mispronounce. That said, Porsche did explain when it announced electric car’s official name that “Taycan” roughly translates to “lively young horse.” As such, the name is a significant nod to the rearing steed in the company’s iconic crest.

Porsche is arguably one of the legacy automakers that appears to be putting a lot of serious effort in the development of its electric car lineup. While fellow German carmakers Mercedes-Benz and Audi have beaten Porsche to the punch with electric car launches this year, the EQC and the e-tron could be described as EV conversions of existing ICE-powered vehicles. Porsche took a different approach with the Taycan, designing the car from the ground up, similar to how Tesla approached the industry-leading Model S.

The results of the Porsche’s efforts are evident in the vehicle’s performance figures and track-capability. Test mules of the car frequent the Nurburgring, where they could be seen stealthily attacking the iconic circuit’s corners. Camouflaged prototypes of the vehicle have also been spotted in regions outside Europe, including the United States. Performance-wise, the Taycan is a true Porsche, with its 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds, its top speed of 155 mph, and its range of 310 miles per charge.

Watch Porsche’s instructional ad for the Taycan in the video below.

Porsche rolls out another Taycan teaser in the form of an instructional video
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