UAW’s efforts to unionize Tesla ‘absolutely’ supported by President Joe Biden

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The UAW’s efforts to unionize Tesla and Toyota have the support of U.S. President Joe Biden.

“Absolutely,” the President said when asked about the UAW’s interest in unionizing Tesla and Toyota.

The U.S. President slighted Tesla for a long time, and many of the company’s supporters felt that it was because of the fact that the automaker is not unionized.

Instead of highlighting Tesla’s efforts to push EV manufacturing and adoption forward in the United States, Biden highlighted other automakers’ efforts, including General Motors, which is unionized and recently came to terms with the UAW after a long-standing strike that halted production lines.

Biden confirmed today that he would like to see Tesla unionized but did not give an explanation for why he’d like to see the EV maker join the UAW.

Interestingly, the UAW said recently that instead of dealing with “the Big Three,” which includes GM, Ford, and Stellantis, it will deal with the “Big Five or Six” in a few years, and Tesla is likely one of its targets.

“One of our biggest goals coming out of this historic contract victory is to organize like we’ve never organized before,” UAW President Shawn Fain said. “When we return to the bargaining table in 2028, it won’t just be with a Big Three, but with a Big Five or Big Six.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has not stopped the automaker from unionizing and has offered the UAW an invitation to come to its Fremont Factory in Northern California to win over employees. The UAW has not responded to this inquiry.

Tesla’s Elon Musk invites UAW to hold a union vote “at their convenience”

Recent interviews with employees at the Fremont Factory indicated that the UAW may have a tough time winning over the plant. Several Fremont employees who spoke to Insider said many workers “believe in the mission of the company” and would rather work in a non-unionized building.

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UAW’s efforts to unionize Tesla ‘absolutely’ supported by President Joe Biden
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