Vandals destroy Tesla Model S, X in Amsterdam in deliberate burning incident

A Tesla Model S and X recently met an unfortunate end in Vondelstraat, Amsterdam. The two electric vehicles, both of which were parked on the street, were set on fire by vandals in an act that witnesses described as deliberate and planned.

The two ill-fated Teslas were parked within 100 meters of each other. According to a local resident who witnessed the incident, the vandals who committed the attack on the electric vehicles were clearly focused on the cars.

“That’s no coincidence. It’s an expensive car. One was here, I saw it from my balcony. The other around the corner at the Vondel Church. Another car was damaged, but that was because it was so close,” the local resident said, according to an Echt Amsterdams Nieuws report.

Considering that the act of aggression against the Teslas seemed to be deliberate, the damage to the two vehicles was extensive. The Model S, for one, lost its entire hood and significant part of its body to the fire, while the Model X got its whole front end burned off. As could be seen in photos from the unfortunate event, a vehicle parked close to the Model X was also burned in the attack.

Photos available at Echt Amsterdams Nieuws. A video of the burning aftermath can be found below.

While the act committed by the vandals was shocking and incredibly dangerous, the owner of one of the electric vehicles took the incident in stride. In a statement to Echt Amsterdams Nieuws, the Tesla owner revealed that he was able to capture clips of the vandals on video. The owner, who remains anonymous as of writing, further stated that he was confident that his electric car’s insurance would cover the cost of the damages incurred in the attack. He does, however, regret the unexpected demise of his Tesla, especially since the vehicle was still new.

“My wife woke me because the car’s alarm went off. We soon realized that it was a fire because of the smoke and smell. The children were sleeping, so we were shocked. We have camera images of the two arsonists, which we shared with the police. Apparently, someone is not a fan of progress. He (the Tesla) is fairly new, and I only had him for four months, but I think I am well insured.”

Incidents of vandalism against Tesla’s vehicles and infrastructure have happened in the past. A horrible keying attack on a Tesla back in 2016, where a vandal from the Netherlands aggressively damaged almost all of the panels of a Model S. Messages insulting the electric car were also etched all over the electric car’s bodywork. 

Back in November 2016, we also covered a vandalism incident at a Supercharger station connecting LA to Las Vegas. The vandals, who initiated their attack ahead of the Thanksgiving weekend, were successful at temporarily disabling the station’s chargers. As soon as reports emerged of the vandalism, however, Tesla acted quickly, repairing the Supercharger facility and getting things back to working order.

Vandals destroy Tesla Model S, X in Amsterdam in deliberate burning incident
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