[Video] Matte black Tesla Model 3 spotted cruising CA highway

A beautiful matte black Tesla Model 3 was recently spotted while cruising down CA highway 280 near the Tesla Motors HQ in Palo Alto, CA. This is the same stomping grounds that saw open testing of the Model X prior to it entering production.

The Model 3 captured on video appears to be the same vehicle that was giving test rides the day of the official unveiling. Tesla appears to have changed very little from the original prototype. The articulating door handles remain. The much fussed about trunk design also seems to be staying as made evident by the location of the trunk line – the same location seen on the early prototype cars – which connects to the huge swooping panoramic glass roof.

Considering Tesla CEO Elon Musk had mentioned that final design of the Model 3 would complete by the end of June, it’s quite possible that we’re actually seeing the final version of the highly anticipated mass market electric vehicle.

Despite being limited in view due to the video being captured in a frustrating portrait mode, the matte black Model 3 is nonetheless gorgeous to look at.

The unique finish was an instant hit ever since its debut. Some fans have even going as far as predicting that 90% of preorders would be ordered with the matte black finish. It’s not one o

Tesla has not yet released the Model 3 Design Studio but reservation holders and fans can customize the vehicle through a fan created unofficial Tesla Model 3 online configurator.

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