VinFast launches VF 8 ad campaign amid insane market momentum

Credit: VinFast US/YouTube

Vietnamese electric vehicle maker VinFast has launched a dedicated advertising campaign for its VF 8 crossover in the United States. The campaign comes amidst the momentum of VinFast stock (NASDAQ: VFS), which rose a whopping 108.87% on Tuesday. 

VinFast’s VF 8 advertisement focused on some of the all-electric vehicle’s key attributes, such as its design and creature comforts, like its rear ventilated seats and panoramic opening sunroof. The company also made it a point to highlight that the VF 8 stands out in the sea of popular electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 and the Ford Mustang Mach-E. 

VinFast emphasized that the VF 8 comes with a very generous warranty. Most automakers today offer a four-year basic warranty, but VinFast is offering a ten-year or 125,000-mile basic warranty. The warranty on the vehicle’s battery is even more impressive, as it lasts for ten years and unlimited miles. 

As noted in the advertisement, the VF 8 could travel a million miles, and its battery will still be covered by the company’s warranty. VinFast’s CEO, Madam Thuy Le, shared some thoughts about the ad campaign. 

“The VinFast team has worked tirelessly to bring new and unique EVs to the US markets. Our new US marketing campaign, ‘Changing Lanes,’ highlights the VF 8’s eye-catching design, unparalleled warranty, and long list of premium, smart features that come standard — an exceptional value for EV drivers seeking something different,” the executive said. 

VinFast’s entry into the US market has been less than stellar. Numerous auto reviewers panned the VF 8 over its alleged issues and faults, and EPA ratings for the VF8 have proven subpar. But despite this, VinFast stock soared as it started trading on the US stock market with an opening price of $22 following its tie-up with SPAC partner Black Spade Acquisition, as noted in a Reuters report. 

VinFast stock has since shown volatility, swinging up or down 14% or more every day over the past six sessions. As of Tuesday’s close, VinFast stock rose over 100% and traded at $36.72 per share, giving the company a valuation of $85 billion. That’s more than Ford ($47.5 billion), General Motors ($45.3 billion), and Stellantis ($56 billion). 

Watch VinFast’s marketing video for the VF 8 below. 

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VinFast launches VF 8 ad campaign amid insane market momentum
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