NHTSA launches investigation into fatal accident involving VinFast VF8

Credit: VinFast

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched an investigation into an accident last month involving a VinFast VF8 in which four people were killed.

On Monday, the U.S. safety regulator said it was launching an investigation into the April 24 accident and subsequent fire in Pleasanton, California, in which a family of four were killed, including two parents and two children, aged 9 and 13.

The official complaint filed with the NHTSA on April 29 alleges that the issue could be due to issues with the steering wheel and lane assist, as the  person reporting the complaint said that, on multiple other occasions, the vehicle’s steering wheel had automatically maneuvered out of the lane while lane assist had been engaged, though they had been able to regain control and correct the issue those times.

During the accident, the person said that their coworker had been driving at an unknown speed and had crashed into a pole, and then a tree where the car was stopped, before it caught on fire. The airbags in the car deployed, and the pole fell down upon impact. The contact said in the complaint that they were worried the previous steering failures had occured while their coworker had been driving.

The NHTSA ID number for the potential steering component issue is 11585817, and a police report was filed for the accident. The manufacturer was also notified of the crash and has opened a case into it.

Last year, VinFast also faced a safety recall over an issue in which certain VF8 units were not displaying the warning lights or control icons properly. The issue, which was estimated to have affected 999 of the EVs, was fixed with an over-the-air software update.

The Vietnamese EV maker recently announced plans to launch a new production facility in Tamil Nadu, India, at which the company eventually plans to build around 150,000 EVs per year.

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NHTSA launches investigation into fatal accident involving VinFast VF8
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