Volkswagen’s new EV focus combines customer needs with affordability

Credit: Volkswagen

Volkswagen has honed in on the strategy it will use to increase the adoption of electric vehicles and become a main player in the sector, which has become more competitive over the years.

In 2027, Volkswagen Group said it would launch a lineup of entry-level and affordably priced electric vehicles under the Brand Group Core. The launch is planned for Europe and will be the culmination of years of efforts.

“Generations of people associate the strong brands of the Volkswagen Group with their first car – and with affordable mobility,” Oliver Blume, CEO of VW Group and head of Brand Group Core, said. “As a group with strong brands, we continue to assume this social responsibility to this day. That’s why I’m very pleased that we’re launching a future-oriented project. It’s about entry-level electric mobility from Europe for Europe.”

Yesterday, we reported on one of Stellantis’s ideas for increasing EV adoption: creating an affordable EV under the Jeep brand, which has a loyal following.

Stellantis CEO confirms $25k Jeep EV — and it’s coming sooner than you think

Volkswagen is planning a more spirited effort by launching several models under its numerous brands.

Affordability will get more people thinking about an EV for their next purchase. One of the biggest bottlenecks has been how much they cost. With only a handful of affordable options, people have been limited in their choices.

VW wants to change that. The company has been working for several years to develop compact, inexpensive EVs that will be priced “around 20,000 euros,” or roughly $21,681. This would be one of the more affordable EVs on the market.

Ultimately, giving consumers a variety of reasons to buy a vehicle will translate to sales. There’s no secret to that.

People want a good price, but when it comes to EVs, they also want tech, range, and adequate infrastructure.

Volkswagen wants to get people looking at the cars by starting with the thing they look at first: the price tag.

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Volkswagen’s new EV focus combines customer needs with affordability
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