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Volvo plans new rapid EV transition in China with Geely’s assistance

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Volvo is reportedly planning to aggressively switch to EVs in China with the help of majority owner Geely.

Volvo is one of a select group of legacy brands that have transitioned to electric vehicles incredibly quickly. The brand has followed the traditional route, from hybridized offerings to full electric ones, and is now on the cusp of full electrification. Now, according to Reuters, the company plans to more aggressively pursue EVs in one of its largest markets, China.

While no specific timeline was provided, the anonymous sources noted that the brand would be introducing three electric SUVs and two sedans to the Chinese market in the near future as part of a blitz to electrify. This would occur far faster than Volvo’s current electrification strategy, which promises 100 percent electrification by 2030.

Volvo was not immediately available to comment to Teslarati regarding its accelerated electrification plan.

China isn’t the only market Volvo is aiming to electrify faster. Volvo Australia currently plans to achieve full electrification by 2026. Thanks to an EV push in North America from sibling brand Polestar, the company could also achieve a faster transition in the region.

In preparation for rapid electrification, Volvo has taken a few preliminary steps. First, the company has sold licenses for its gas and hybrid engine technology to parent company Geely, securing much-needed capital as it plans to ditch the technology. Second, Volvo has partnered with Geely in developing EV platforms, simplifying the design and manufacturing processes.

But these investments aren’t coming at the detriment of Geely; on the contrary. Following recent price cuts, Tesla has become a far more serious threat to Chinese EV brands in China, and Volvo could be Geely’s new champion to duel with the American auto giant.

With its solid brand and consistent success within the market generally, Volvo is undoubtedly setting itself on the right path. But with more competition than ever, particularly in China, the company’s path forward certainly won’t be without challenges.

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Volvo plans new rapid EV transition in China with Geely’s assistance
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