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Volvo receives the largest order for electric trucks in Australia

Credit: Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks has been tasked with fulfilling the largest order for electric trucks in Australia.

Team Global Express, an Australian express freight company, has placed an order for 36 Volvo electric trucks, the company said yesterday. It will take just one quarter to get the vehicles built and on the road, as Volvo expects the trucks to be operational in Sydney by Q1 2023.

Australia has a net-zero emissions goal of 2050. With 19 percent of the country’s carbon emissions coming from transport, and 38 percent of that figure coming from road freight specifically, commercial logistics companies are attempting to alleviate greenhouse gases from their daily operations.

Volvo Group Australia President Martin Merrick commented on the efforts:

“It’s clear that more and more transport companies around the world now want to start the journey towards electric, zero-emission transports. Volvo is first out with heavy electric trucks in Australia, and we are excited to work together with Team Global Express and other customers. We have the broadest electric truck line up in the industry, which makes it possible to electrify a large part of heavy transports already today.”

Team Global Express will take delivery of the Volvo FL Electric, just one of the company’s offerings. The vehicle packs 300 kilometers of range (186.4 miles), and is powered by battery packs with a capacity between 200 and 395 kWh. It packs versatility with a range of driving modes available to handle different performance settings or energy usage levels.

Its load capacity of 5.5 tonnes will help the vehicles gain their footing as a metropolitan pick-up and delivery fleet.

Volvo has received orders from many companies in several different markets. In North America, Volvo has truck deals with Maersk-owned Performance Team, Amazon, McDonald’s, and others.

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Volvo receives the largest order for electric trucks in Australia
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