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Volvo says price cuts to chase Tesla not necessary, citing strong demand for EVs

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Volvo will not cut prices to chase Tesla and other electric vehicle makers, its CEO Jim Rowan said on Thursday, citing strong demand and a solid order backlog.

“We don’t don’t have any intention to reduce pricing,” Rowan said to Reuters. “We don’t see (price cuts) at this point in time. Demand for our BEVs is the highest we’ve ever seen, the backlog for that as well.”

Volvo’s EV sales statistics back Rowan’s mentality up, as the company tripled sales of its all-electric cars in Q4 2022 from 6 percent in Q4 2021. Its BEVs accounted for 18 percent of the company’s total sales for the quarter and 7.2 percent for the year. This was a 14.3 percent increase from 2021, which saw roughly 6.3 percent of its total sales being BEVs.

After reporting less-than-favorable earnings on Thursday, Volvo said it expects 2023 to be “another challenging year,” hoping to avoid COVID-related supply chain challenges out of China. “Despite the global turbulence, uncertainty, and our recent price increases, we continue to see healthy demand for our cars,” the Swedish company said.

Volvo plans new rapid EV transition in China with Geely’s assistance

Tesla cut prices in the U.S. by up to 13 percent and in China by up to 20 percent in an attempt to push consumers toward its models as competition continues to grow. Other manufacturers, including legacy companies like Ford and EV startups like Lucid, have combated Tesla’s move with price cuts of their own.

However, other companies have resisted the discounts. Volkswagen announced it would not adopt the same strategies, aiming to keep prices the same. Volvo is under the impression that its demand and sufficient order backlog is proof pricing is healthy and at levels reasonable enough for consumers to choose its vehicles over others.

Volvo felt a 16.5 percent decrease in total vehicle sales in 2022 compared to 2021.

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Volvo says price cuts to chase Tesla not necessary, citing strong demand for EVs
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