You can now vote on Tesla Supercharging locations

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Tesla owners and customers can now vote on Tesla Supercharging locations.

In September, Tesla announced that a new Supercharger Poll platform was coming. On Thursday, Tesla announced that the new poll platform is now open. As long as you have a Tesla account, whether you own a vehicle or have shopped from its online store, you can cast a vote.

I know this because I don’t own a Tesla, and I was able to log in and cast five votes. In North America alone, the Leaderboard showed the top 100 sites. Browning, Montana, had 10 votes, while at the top, Lake Okeechobee, Florida, had 182 votes.

Tesla noted that every three-month voting cycle, voters can cast multiple votes to help Tesla pick out new locations for Superchargers. Voters can cast a total of five votes, one per location for proposed sites. Once those votes are cast, owners can suggest a new location for the next voting cycle. Tesla customers can also propose a Supercharger location by filling out this form and typing in a location address.

Tesla also included a list of benefits of location for voters to choose from:

  • Need to get to my travel destination.
  • Need at my travel destination.
  • There is no charging in my area.
  • Need more charging in my area.
  • Other.

Although the last option gives Tesla customers an option that isn’t included in the benefits, there isn’t a space for them to share what that other option may be. A good suggestion would be to include a way for owners and customers to share various reasons why they are choosing that charging location.

Disclosure: Johnna is a $TSLA shareholder and believes in Tesla’s mission. 

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You can now vote on Tesla Supercharging locations
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