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VW pondering increase in ID Buzz production after influx of pre-orders

Volkswagen appears to have a major hit in its hands, as interest in the ID Buzz has become very notable. With the all-electric vans hitting 12,500 pre-orders, recent statements from the company’s leadership recently suggested that Volkswagen is currently considering expanding its ID Buzz production. 

In a statement to Automobilwoche, Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge (VWN) CEO Carsten Intra confirmed that the German automaker has already gathered over 12,000 pre-orders for the ID Buzz. What’s quite interesting is that about half of the pre-orders were for the ID Buzz Cargo, a variant of the all-electric van that’s optimized for utility. 

“And that’s without any of the customers even seeing or touching the vehicle at the dealership or even being able to drive it. That’s quite amazing. And about half of the pre-orders, more than 6,000, are for the ID Buzz Cargo,” Intra said

For now, the VWN CEO stated that the delivery time for the ID Buzz is about six months. The vehicle has been extremely popular too, with the all-electric van being sold out beyond 2022

“We’re now at the delivery date already at the end of the first quarter, March or April 2023. Of the roughly 15,000 vehicles we will build in 2022, after all, not all of them can be delivered to customers immediately. We have to stock the dealers first. So the first 6,000 vehicles will go into the showrooms, followed by the customer vehicles,” Intra said. 

The ID Buzz is seeing a lot of momentum in Europe. Among the 12,500 pre-orders that it has gathered, about 3,700 came from Norway and 2,700 came from Germany. About 1,200 were from the Netherlands and another 1,000 came from Belgium. Around 900 pre-orders were also from the UK, and pre-orders were only recently opened there

“Immediately after the IAA Transportation, we will first start stocking the dealers. And from November, the first vehicles will then be delivered to customers,” Intra said, adding that for now, ID Buzz production is at about 100 units per day. By the end of the year, this number is expected to increase to 200 units. “And then next year we’ll really ramp it up. Toward 100,000 it should already be going,” the executive said. 

Volkswagen is also targeting about 130,000 ID Buzz every year. This number seems very attainable considering the interest it has garnered from the areas where it’s offered today. The vehicle is yet to tackle other markets too, such as Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, or China. It’s also yet to enter the United States. 

“We’ve been given the go-ahead by the group that we can basically enter any market with the ID Buzz where the ID family is already represented. And there are already some exciting countries among them. Japan, for example, Thailand or Malaysia. And we’re also looking at China right now,” Intra said. 

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VW pondering increase in ID Buzz production after influx of pre-orders
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