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Tesla Model 3 delivery estimator – When will I get my car?

With Model 3 production kicking off and the first deliveries taking place next month, reservation holders are facing a question that has been too far off in the distance to ask until now: With 400,000 people holding reservations for a Model 3, when will I get mine?

At the top of the list are SpaceX and Tesla employees, who were given access to make reservations 2 weeks before the general public as a show of thanks for their hard work. This also helps keep the feedback loop for any early production issues as short as possible, letting Tesla fix the issues with minimal impact on the general public.

Beyond the employees, a number of factors come into play about when people can expect to get their Model 3. Teslanomics built a Model 3 delivery estimate calculator that takes several variables into account based on what Tesla has shared. Users can go directly to the tool and enter the following information:

  1. Exact time the Model 3 reservation was made
  2. Whether or not the reservation holder is a current Tesla owner
  3. What battery size the Model 3 will have
  4. Rear Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive
  5. Where are you located?

The delivery estimator cranks this data and gives an estimate of not only when your vehicle should be delivered, but when production of the vehicle will start. The tool also analyzes the proximity to the Tesla Fremont factory for delivery time, with a 5 day delivery time for California customers and upward of 41 days for customers in Japan.

While these are just estimates, the tool takes the best available information about delivery prioritization from Tesla and gives reasonable estimates. Check out the calculator below or over on the Teslanomics page and let us know when you are expecting your Model 3 to show up and how accurate you think the estimator is.

Tesla Model 3 delivery estimator – When will I get my car?
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