Watch this Tesla Model X charge a Model S by towing it [Video]

A new video put together by YouTuber and Tesla owner Bjørn Nyland highlights the ability for electric vehicles to convert kinetic energy into chemical energy stored in the battery through a process known as regenerative braking, or simply regen.

Using a Tesla Model X, which is capable of towing up to 5,000 lb. (2,267 kg) when combined with 20″ wheels, Bjørn demonstrates the ability to recoup energy in the Model S battery by towing the vehicle. Though it’s an unlikely scenario to take place in the real world, the video still highlights a unique use case wherein battery range can be increased by artificially simulating regen.

The video description notes that a single motor rear wheel drive standard 85 Model S was used in the demonstration. Because of the single motor, the amount of energy captured through the regenerative braking process was not as much as what can be achieved if towing a dual motor configuration. Also, given the length of rope used in towing the vehicle, Bjørn notes that maximum regen of 60 kW was not reached as they were limited by the speed in which they can tow at.

What’s also fun to note in the video are the vehicle icons appearing on the instrument cluster of the Model X and Model S, as detected by each vehicle’s suite of Autopilot sensors.

Check out the great video below highlighting the effects of Tesla’s regen capability.

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