Xpeng CEO bullish on autonomy in Tesla FSD (Supervised) review

Credit: He Xiaopeng/Weibo

Xpeng Motors CEO He Xiaopeng has shared his observations and feedback after personally experiencing Tesla’s Full Self Driving (Supervised) system. The executive seemed to have come out of his experience behind the wheel of FSD (Supervised) with a bullish stance on autonomous driving, as he stated in a post on Weibo that he believes fully autonomous driving could see a “ChatGPT moment” next year. 

Recent posts from the Xpeng CEO on Weibo have revealed that he was in the United States, and he was looking to experience the best that the US’ autonomous driving systems could offer. Thus, the executive noted that would be experiencing Tesla’s FSD (Supervised) system and Waymo’s robotaxi service during his visit. Xiaopeng summarized his general observations about FSD (Supervised) and Waymo’s robotaxi system in the section below. 

“In the past couple of days, I had the chance to experience FSD version 12.3.6 in California, and I also took a ride in a Waymo vehicle. Overall, Waymo performed better in downtown San Francisco, while FSD excelled in Silicon Valley and on the highways, achieving very high scores and handling various road conditions smoothly. 

“I’m truly impressed by the significant progress FSD has made in just a few months. We plan to learn from FSD’s excellent features and user experience. I believe 2025 will be the Chat GPT moment for fully autonomous driving!” Xiaopeng wrote. 

The executive also shared an extended video of his FSD (Supervised) test drive in a later post on Weibo. As could be seen in the video, Xiaopeng tested FSD (Supervised) 12.3.6 on a previous generation Tesla Model 3 sedan. He noted that he is very impressed with FSD (Supervised) overall, though he believes that the advanced driver assist system might find China’s complicated roads more challenging. He also invited Tesla CEO Elon Musk to test out Xpeng’s advanced driver assist system when he visits China next time. 

“I’m glad to have experienced Tesla’s FSD smart driving in the US. The video that everyone has been asking for is finally out! Throughout the experience, FSD’s performance is still very smooth. It makes me feel at ease in most road conditions, which is very similar to that of a human driver. 

“However, China’s roads are more complex than those in the US, with more people and cars. I’m looking forward to FSD’s performance in China. At present, our Xiaopeng’s XNGP has fully adapted to China’s road conditions. We invite Elon Musk to China to experience XNGP. We also look forward to more exchanges in the entire industry to jointly promote the popularization of smart driving around the world,” the executive wrote. 

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Xpeng CEO bullish on autonomy in Tesla FSD (Supervised) review
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