Tesla recalls over 11,000 Cybertrucks for two separate issues

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Tesla has two active recalls for the Cybertruck out this morning. Both issues impact over 11,000 units and involve either a windshield wiper issue or improperly adhered trunk bed trim.

We’ll break the recalls down individually so they are not confused with one another:

Improperly Adhered Trunk Bed Trim

Affecting 11,383 Tesla Cybertruck units, the first recall deals with an improperly adhered trunk bed trim, which could be loose and detach from the vehicle, creating a road hazard.

“The trunk bed trim sail applique could have been improperly adhered and can loosen,” the recall on the NHTSA website states.

The estimated percentage of the 11,383 Cybertrucks impacted is just one percent. The NHTSA says in its 573 report of the issue that “the sail applique or adhesion may not have been installed according to specification, which may cause the sail applique to become loose or separate from the vehicle.

The part was manufactured by Axiom Plastics, and Tesla identified two separate instances of the trim loosening: once in December when a Cybertruck was delivered with a missing applique and another in May.

Tesla will resolve the issue at no charge to the customer. It has remedied the issue within Gigafactory Texas, where the Cybertruck is built, by improving quality control in the adhesive application.

Front Windshield Wiper Failure

Last week, we reported on Tesla halting Cybertruck deliveries due to an issue with the windshield wiper. It has officially reached the NHTSA on a recall level.

Tesla Cybertruck deliveries halted due to wiper motor issue

This specific recall affects 11,688 Tesla Cybertruck units, with only 2 percent of the total population expected to be impacted.

“On affected vehicles, the front windshield wiper motor controller may stop functioning due to electrical overstress to the gate driver component,” the recall description states.

The part that is causing the issue is manufactured by Valeo Sistemas Electricos in Mexico. In February, Tesla Service recovered 20 of the wiper motors for engineering to inspect. On June 12, Tesla made the decision to voluntarily recall affected vehicles.

Once again, the issue will be fixed at no charge to the customer. Additionally, it will remedy the issue with the supplier as it introduced a functional test using a lower current to ensure the integrity of the gate driver.

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Tesla recalls over 11,000 Cybertrucks for two separate issues
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