Tesla Model S vs Nissan GTR Drag Race


We’ve seen the Tesla Model S take on the new Corvette C7 Z51 in a heads up drag race, but what happens when you pit the 4,600+ lb, seven passenger electric sedan against arguably one of the most infamous supercar killers in history – a car with a legendary track record of racing dominance – so fierce that it’s simply known by the name of “Godzilla”?

Nissan’s flagship performance car, the twin-turbo GT-R, is that of horsepower legends, but how does it fare against the instantaneous torque of the Model S electric motor? The video will give you a true sense of just how quick 0 – 60 mph in 3.7 seconds really is.

The Model S leaves the line like a railgun, springing forward with instant acceleration, before quickly giving way to the high charging turbocharged GT-R. Nevertheless the heads up drag race gives a great perspective on how truly quick the Model S is.


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Author: Gene

Ex-Hot Rod junkie tinkering with anything and everything that had at least 400 cui and capable of smoking a set of fresh rubber at the drop of a dime. Same junkie for tire smoke, 100% electric convert, addicted to solar generated electricity.

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  • OC Corvette

    Yep, it was completely destroyed by the GTR even though the Model S got the jump. The C7 vs. Model S YouTube video was horrible too, because the Model S got the jump first. I have beaten two P85’s handily in my stock 2014 Corvette C7 off the line no problem, and from a 40+ roll on the street or freeway they look like they are standing still. The Model S only traps 108MPH where the C7 will trap 117-120MPH in the 1/4 mile so anything except off the line 0-60 it will get destroyed. Pretty quick for a heavy sedan though. My Model S P85 is quick off the line but feels lifeless vs. my C7 any other time.

    • Tony

      Not a fair fight if this isn’t a P85+. Would still lose, but would not be caught as quickly. I’m guessing it wasn’t. P. S. All Teslas will jump out ahead. Initially.

    • Gary

      It’s still pretty impressive when you consider that this is an electric car designed to comfortably seat 4 adults. Comparing it to a Corvette C7 is ridiculous.

      • James

        Comfortably seat 4 adults with room for a bunch of luggage and golf clubs.

  • Steve Gregory Webb

    Here is my P85 against a GTR 1/8 mile

    Little did I know it was a tricked out drag car