ABB E-Mobility announces EV charger production in the U.S.

Credit: ABB

ABB E-Mobility has announced that it will construct another EV charger production facility in South Carolina.

As the States and U.S. federal government look to spend billions on new electric vehicle charging infrastructure, more EV chargers are needed than ever before. And to meet this new demand, ABB E-Mobility is constructing a new EV charger production facility in Columbia, South Carolina.

According to the company, ABB is currently constructing a new production facility in Columbia, South Carolina, to meet electric vehicle charger demand. They will attempt to do so as early as next year. The company has stated that it will supply public networks, school bus fleets, and other commercial customers.

The new facility aims to produce 10,000 chargers annually and will produce chargers with output ranging from 20-180kW. This is a significant departure from ABB’s previous U.S.-based manufacturing operations focusing on high power output chargers with rates of between 150 and 450 kW.

ABB has invested $14 billion in the U.S. via ” plant expansions, operational improvements, state-of-the-art equipment, products, and people.” this new production facility is one of a series of recent U.S. projects announced over the past two years. ABB is also constructing a training facility in Sugar Land, Texas, and a new R&D facility in Southern California.

This move is part of a more significant trend of numerous companies in the EV space constructing new production facilities in the U.S. We have previously covered the wave of battery material and battery manufacturing facilities coming from South Korea and China to the U.S. Still, even products such as EV chargers will now be more domestically sourced.

While perhaps not entirely attributable to the Inflation Reduction Act, it is clear that the funding has proved to be an influence on manufacturers around the world. But some have questioned what will happen after federal and state incentives end. Will manufacturers be as eager to come to the U.S. or even as keen to stay?

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ABB E-Mobility announces EV charger production in the U.S.
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