Rivian Adventure Network to start billing customers next month

Credit: Rivian

The Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) is set to begin billing customers after the service has remained free for owners of the company’s electric pickups and SUVs until now.

Rivian sent an email to customers sharing the news this week, saying that the DC fast-charging network would begin charging by November (via Rivian Updates). The company says its seamless charging will still be available at the sites and that users will simply need to add their billing information to their Rivian Account to charge fees to a specific account automatically.

“As we began to build out the Rivian Adventure Network, it was our pleasure to provide free charging to our earliest owners,” the automaker wrote in the email. “Starting in early November, billing will begin at all Rivian Adventure Network charging sites.”

“Nothing will change about the way you charge—simply pull up, plug in and charging will automatically start,” Rivian added in the email.

Upon announcing the RAN in 2021, Rivian noted that it planned to build 3,500 fast-charging stalls across 600 sites by the end of 2023. When the network was unveiled, Rivian emphasized getting drivers to unique “adventurous locations,” with fast-charging sites now available to owners in the Appalachian Mountains, around the East Coast, and in states such as California and Colorado, among several others.

You can see a current map of the RAN below, as can be seen on Rivian’s web page for charging.

Credit: Rivian

In the past, Rivian has also said it plans to open the RAN to non-Rivian electric vehicles (EVs), not unlike Tesla’s move to expand its Supercharger stations to become usable by non-Tesla EVs. Rivian has been one of several automakers to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), which will give its owners acces to the Supercharger network as soon as next year.

The news comes after Rivian reported beating analyst delivery estimates during the third quarter, in which the automaker delivered 15,564 of its R1T pickup and R1S SUV to beat out the first two quarters of the year.

Update: Graphic re-uploaded with interactive controls cropped out.

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Rivian Adventure Network to start billing customers next month
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