Alabama loosening its stance on Tesla’s direct sales model

Model S 70D at a Tesla Store in Dedham, MA via Rob M.

Tesla might finally be able to sell direct in Alabama if new Senate Bill 22 passes. The new bill would provide an exemption to manufacturers of alternative fuel vehicles to sell and lease its vehicles directly to consumers within the state.

Alabama represents one of the seven states that currently blocks Tesla from selling its vehicles to the public without using independent licensed dealerships. Arizona, Connecticut, Michigan, Texas, Utah and West Virginia join as other states banning the direct sales model. Under current Alabama state law, the direct to consumer sales model is considered “an unfair and deceptive trade practice.”, something a state lawmaker looks to lift with the new bill.

The Country Caller reports via, executive director Mark Bentley at Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition (ACFC) believes Alabamans are seeking cheaper and cleaner energy sources, as gasoline prices continue to rise.

If Senate Bill 22 passes – currently assigned to the Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee – expect to see Tesla showroom stores and galleries cropping up across major cities within the state. Alabama currently has three Tesla Supercharger stations along interstate I-10, I-65, and I-85.

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