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Aptera opens investment round to start production of solar-powered car

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Aptera has opened another round of investment into the company via its website.

According to Aptera’s recent SEC filing, the company has opened a “Class B Common Stock” investment opportunity via its website. This investment and a current grant opportunity will allow the brand to begin production and hopefully ship its first vehicles as soon as possible. Still, investors should be aware of the benefits and limitations of this investment opportunity.

Looking at Aptera’s investment page, they list a couple of crucial details and benefits to investors. The investment round has a minimum investment requirement of $1,000, or roughly 95 shares, that the company has priced at $10.50. Furthermore, investors who spend more than $1,000 will be given a $100 coupon that can be applied to any Aptera reservation. Investors who invest more than $10,000 will receive the same $100 discount and an additional 5% discount on any Aptera order.

However, some significant limitations come with this investment when looking at the corresponding SEC filing. First, Aptera is not a publicly traded company, so the legal requirements for that type of investment are not available in this case. This investment will also not allow owners of “Class B” stock to vote on company matters; that opportunity is available only to “class A” stock owners. Finally, it is unclear if these stocks are transferable in any way. The company does not allow for a refund of the investment, but the filing does not address the process of selling/transfers.

The funds accumulated from this investment round will hopefully allow the brand to begin producing and delivering its vehicle. According to their filing, the vast majority of the money will be spent either on development or production. For a company with 30,000 orders to fulfill, a queue Aptera says is worth over $1 billion, this funding could define the brand.

Those who are deeply in love with the idea of hyper-efficient transport, and would like to make that dream a reality, should consider supporting the company that is looking to do just that. However, through the limitations of the stock and the SEC filing’s long list of potential risks, investors should always be wary of how they spend such a significant amount of money. All the information cited in this article is available on Aptera’s investment site.

Disclosure: William is not an Aptera investor, nor has he purchased securities addressed in this article. William is not associated with Aptera’s ambassador program.

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Aptera opens investment round to start production of solar-powered car
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